PROVEN Umbilical Hoses and
Handling Reels for Offshore Oil Skimmers

Eximco designs and manufactures umbilical hoses for
replacement of existing oem umbilical hoses, and for umbilical hoses and
handling reels built to customer specifications for new oil skimmer systems.

200' Long Umbilcial Hose and Handling Reel

Umbilical Hose and Offshore Oil Skimmer

Umbilical Hose Termination Plate

60M Umbilical Hose
and Handling Reel

PROVEN Umbilical Hose
and Handling Reel Specifications

Umbilical Hose Lengths up to 295'. Cargo Hoses from 2" to 6" I.D., Hydraulic
Hoses in quantity and size as required, Chemical Dispersant Hoses, Electrical
Control Cable Bundle as required. Hydraulic, Electric, and Diesel drives available.

Eleven Hydraulic Hoses Terminated
at Connection Plate
6" x 60M Umbilical
Hose and Handling Reel
Twelve Hoses Exiting Thru Waterproof Termination Plate
Umbilical Hose
Handling Reel
Hydraulic Control Box

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