PROVEN Floater Hose in Ship-To-Shore Fuel Transfer Service

Eximco International, Inc. is located in Houston, Texas and has been successfully marketing speciality rubber hose products for military and commercial markets since 1987. Close relationships with various manufacturers allows Eximco to have it's proprietary hose design specially made for your specific application.

Unique and Special Capabilities:

Eximco manufactures long length rubber hose up to 400' long with NO Splices or Couplings in the hose length, and lengths of 750 feet and more, depending on the Hose diameter, using factory vulcanized hose splicing techniques.

Selected Hose Products:

Liquid Petroleum Discharge Floater Hose, in 2" to 8" I.D., up to 750' long with one factory vulcanized splice and no couplings in the hose length, and up to 200 psi WP. Higher pressures upon request.

LPG Floater Hose, in 2" to 4" I.D., up to 400' long with NO splices or couplings in the hose length, and up to 350 psi WP.

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