product lines

Bearings and Seals, all types

Electric Lighting, Cables, and Controls

Electric Motors, Parts, and Repairs

Fuel Tanker Trucks and Trailers, Hardware, and Accessories

Generator Sets and Controls

High Density Polyethylene Pipe, Large Diameters

Insulation and Sealant Materials

Laboratory Instruments, Equipment, and Reagents

Life Boats, Rescue Boats, and Davits

Long Length Ship to Shore Fuel Transfer Hose

Oil Skimmer Umbilical Hoses, OEM Replacements and Custom Designs

Oil Pollution Clean-Up and Control Machinery and Equipment

EPA Approved Oil Pollution Clean-Up Chemical

Parts for Machinery and Equipment, all types

Rubber Hose and Fittings, all types

Rubber Hose Handling and Storage Reels

Ships’ Mooring Hawsers

Steel Line Pipe, Plate and Shapes, all types

Submarine Hose for Liquid Petroleum and LPG

Valves, Flanges, and Fittings for high pressure

These are the products we most commonly handle, however our procurement services are not limited to the list, and we will be pleased to source other products at your request.

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